What does it cost for me to transact? 

The cost to transact varies by the price of the vehicle. For vehicles with a selling price under $5,000 the fee is $275. For vehicles with a selling price over $5,000, the fee is $375. All buyer and seller fees include our 14-day warranty at no extra cost. These fees are lower than traditional auctions and there is less hassle and remarketing effort for you and your staff.

Does Turn provide transportation?

Yes! We provide real-time transportation quotes for each vehicle before you place an offer on it. Our
transportation is fast, easy, and reliable, ensuring a seamless experience. Of course, the buyer may
also choose to arrange their own transportation. The buyer is responsible for transportation costs.

Where is my vehicle?

We provide the transportation status of your vehicle, simply go to the buy tab and then the purchased vehicles tab. It will show you in real time whether your vehicle is processing, scheduled, in transit, or delivered.

Where is my title?

We understand that having a title is very important to you. Our marketplace provides title status to keep your mind at ease. Simply go to the buy tab and then to the purchased tab to view the status.

Who can buy and sell in our marketplace?

Our marketplace is exclusive to licensed car dealers and is not accessible to retail customers! Both franchise and independent dealers can buy and sell. Dealers go through a quick, easy registration process to access the marketplace.

What if my vehicle arrives with undisclosed issues?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! Our arbitration is the best in the business. We developed a warranty backed by a 5-star A-rated insurance company. This warranty is provided free of charge to protect both the buyer and the seller. Any item that was not disclosed, mechanical or cosmetic, that has a repair cost between $500 to $3500 you are covered. If it is over $3500, you can give the vehicle back and we will even reimburse you your transport bill up to $500! We can recommend a repair shop, or you can use any shop of your choice, even your own. We will pay the full door rate and MSRP on all parts so that your dealership can retain the fixed operations profit while not increasing the cost of sales for the used car department.

How do i pay for vehicles?

Simple-after you make a purchase, you will be directed to our electronic checkout. Checkout will have a detailed breakdown of the purchase price, buyer fee, and transport fee if you choose to use our transport. We offer ACH payment as well as floor plan options. Just click ACH and the funds will be drafted from your bank account on file or select your floor plan company and the charges will be added to your floor plan line. No need to ever write a check!

How do I submit an arbitration claim?

Oh-no! Do you have an undisclosed issue with your vehicle? No problem, simply click support then select arbitration claim. Then, complete the form and our warranty department will contact you if anything else is needed or to finalize the claim.

How do I sell a vehicle?

First download our mobile application. At registration, you will receive an email containing our appraisal guide. Use our guide as a reference for the images that need to be taken. The app is simple, just fill in the required fields, answer some questions, and take some pictures. If you can text and take pictures you are qualified for the job! After inputting the VIN, just choose whether you want to set it as a Dealer Owned Reserve Sale for any cars you own or as a Trying-To-Trade for your non-owned trades to receive a guaranteed appraisal offer delivered within 15 minutes. We will place an offer on EVERY vehicle so that you will never be in a zero-bid scenario!

When am I required to pick up my vehicle?

Keep in mind that our warranty begins at the time of purchase, it is beneficial to the buyer to pick up the vehicle within 72 hours of purchase.

How long do I have to checkout? 

For your convenience and efficiency, you must checkout within 24 hours of purchase.

How do i buy vehicles?

You can buy vehicles using our mobile app on the go or by using our website for a great experience. Go to the buy tab then to shop active listings where you can view live vehicles and place bids, or proxy offers. When listings close, you can also click buy the buy it now for vehicles that did not sell during the auction. You will be able to see the closing offer as well as what the reserve is, just click the buy now button to complete the transaction or make an offer to the seller.

What is DORS?

DORS is an acronym for DEALER OWNED RESERVE SALE. DORS vehicles run daily from 8 AM-4 PM EST. These vehicles have a reserve and at 4 PM if you are the highest bidder, and the reserve is met you will win the vehicle. If you win the vehicle, you will receive a notification and an email to check out your purchase.

What is TTT?

TTT stands for trying to trade. Our TTT vehicles run from 8 AM-10 PM EST, however they are input by dealers throughout the day and will all close at 10 PM. If you are the highest bidder at 10 PM, the seller has 4 days to accept your bid. This allows the seller to have ample time to negotiate with the customer and make the deal a reality. After 4 days the vehicle will expire, and the seller is no longer able to accept your bid.

How do I get paid for my vehicle?

We have a secure guaranteed payment system. When your vehicle is sold, we electronically collect payment from the buyer. When you send the title to our title clearing facility, it will be validated to be marketable, and your funds will be deposited into your bank account via ACH within four business no waiting for checks in the mail!

How do I add ACH to my account?

Only the super admin has access to these details. The super admin simply clicks on their name, then clicks profile and adds the bank details. Once bank details are added, two micro-deposits will be deposited into your bank account for final verification. Upon receiving the micro-deposits, go to your profile and add the amounts as whole numbers without decimals. Example: 0.12 = 12 cents 0.05 = 5 cents

Is there a long-term contract?

Nope! There are no commitments, and you only pay when you transact.

Do I have to keep watching the bids all day?

No! Your time is valuable! Just set a proxy bid and we do the rest. The seller can never see your proxy bid. The system will bid on your behalf and only bid more than your initial bid if another dealer places a bid higher than yours.

Can I add filters and specific search criteria to my account? 

YES! If you want to be notified of specific vehicles that go through the marketplace, go to buy, click filters, and create a filter. After that, click on the shopping cart to view listings right away.

Where do i send titles to?

YES! If you want to be notified of specific vehicles that go through the marketplace, go to buy, click filters, and create a filter. After that, click on the shopping cart to view listings right away.